PayNearMe is a payment method that is offered by various betting sites across Kansas state. For players who prefer this as a payment methods, here you’ll find a list of PayNearMe betting sites to choose from.

Topping the list is Draftkings, FanDuel, BetRivers, Twinspire and Caesars sportsbook. Like most PayNearMe betting sites in Kansas, these sportsbooks come with great offers and great gaming selection.

What is PayNearMe?

PayNearMe is a payment platform that lets customers pay for bills and online payments. This platform, though not limited, provides a solution for customers who don’t have traditional banks but would wish to make payments online. Apart from cash payments, the platform accepts debit, credit, ACH and mobile-first payment methods such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

There are 27,000+ participating locations across the country and a number are in Kansas city. 7-Eleven, Family Dollar, ACE Cash Express, CVS pharmacy stores and Casey’s General Store are among the stores that are participating here.

How does PayNearMe work?

With mobile integration, PayNearMe allows customers to pay using their phones. The barcode is no longer printed physically but sent through email or via text. With this barcode, customers can visit any participating store and make payments through the cashier.

For online purchases, customers buy goods online and choose PayNearMe as the mode of payment. This then generates a barcode that customers will take to any store. After payment is done successfully, then shipment of the goods follows.

In this review, we will go through how to use PayNearMe in online betting sites. Read more and get the details on how to deposit and withdraw using the platform.

How to deposit on a Kansas betting site using PayNearMe

Depositing using PayNearMe on a Kansas betting site is not complicated. Players need to follow through this 3 steps. To deposit using PayNearMe on a kansas sportsbook, follow through with these listed steps:

1. Sign up with PayNearMe

To get started, sign up on PayNearMe site and fill out your details.

2. Find a betting site in Kansas that accepts PayNearMe

This is not an uphill task with our online reviews on betting sites that accept PayNearMe. On the top of this page you’ll find betting sites that accept PayNearMe in Kansas that are legit and offer the best gaming selection to players.

Also, you can check out the cashier section of your sportsbook of choice and find out if PayNearMe is an option.

2. Fill in your details and deposit with PayNearMe

Once you have settled on a betting site, create a new account. Normally, they require that you fill in details such as your email address, date of birth, gender, state, full names and then create a password. Additionally, account verification is also required to make sure the data given out is correct.

When your sportsbook registration is successful, visit the cashiers section and choose PayNearMe. Enter the required details and then amount. This will generate a barcode sent to your phone via text or email. Visit any of the participating stores and then hand out your cash. The store cashier will deposit the cash and funds will reflect on the betting site account.

How to withdraw from a Kansas betting site with PayNearMe

In partnership with FinTech Pin4, PayNearMe offers withdrawal of winnings from online gambling sites in Kansas through ATMs. This involves two steps.

1. Withdraw to PayNearMe from the betting site

To withdraw any withdrawable funds approved by the sportsbook, players should visit the cashier section. Click on withdraw and then select PayNearMe as your option.

2. Withdraw cash from PayNearMe at an ATM

To begin withdrawal using this method, the player enters their phone number and the withdrawable amount they wish to cash out. The betting site then sends two messages confirming the transaction. One message sends out an order number and the other a locator map of the nearest ATM. With the order number players can easily cash out at the ATM.

Pros of using PayNearMe at sportsbooks in KS

Below is a list of why PayNearMe is a good payment method for you:

  • Data security. Information privacy and security is among the top priorities on this platform. Players can be guaranteed that information will be kept under the latest SSL encryption.
  • Available 24/7. Players can get to deposit cash at any time, any day. In partnership with some stores such as CVS pharmacy stores and 7-Eleven stores, cashiers accept cash payments 24/7 . Additionally, there are several retail stores therefore players can never miss any depositing outlet.
  • Safe. PayNearMe is completely safe and convenient as a method of payment. Players can always trust that their funds will be safely deposited.

Cons of using PayNearMe

Here is a list of why PayNearMe may not suit you as a gambler in Kansas:

  • Requires depositing cash physically. Depositing requires that a player goes to the cashier and hands their fund physically. This may not be suitable for players who lack time or the ability to reach a participating store.
  • Players may miss out on deposit method bonuses. Sportsbooks may have bonuses awarded to players depending on the method of depositing they used. PayNearMe is often not included in the list. Therefore, players who prefer this method miss out on casino bonuses.
  • Fees. Depositing is not free, unlike for some methods. Players have to incur a service charge dependent on the amount deposited. However, the platform is transparent on what their charges are. Players can expect that they won’t find any hidden charges.
  • Low deposit limit. Unlike other methods such a bank wire transfer that allow huge amounts, high punters can find this method unsuitable. The cash deposit limit to casinos has been capped at $500.

PayNearMe Alternatives

Betting sites in Kansas come with diverse payment options. If PayNearMe doesn’t suit you there are other methods to use. Below is a list of PayNearMe alternatives:


Neteller is a digital e-wallet that can be used to send, receive and make online payments. The platform accepts payments to online gaming sites . For this reason, it is hard to miss this payment method on any betting site.

Registration for an account is as easy as providing your email address, personal details verifiable through documents such as ID and utility bill to prove physical address.

As a PayNearMe alternative, Neteller betting sites provides instant deposits and safe withdrawals. For in-play betting this method provides quick and easy access to funds. Neteller has a very short processing period for withdrawals.


Like Neteller, PayPal is an e-wallet that allows sending, receiving and online payments. PayPal is unlikely to miss in the list of payment methods in any betting site. Players can easily register for a PayPal account using their email address and filling the registration form. However, PayPal betting sites requires that a player links the account with their bank account.

For players looking for a method that doesn’t require depositing cash physically, this is a great alternative. Players can easily fund their betting site accounts and make quick withdrawals using PayPal.

Credit cards

Credit cards are among the most used methods of payment. across the US. Rarely will you miss this method. The most common types of cards include Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

With these cards, players can fund their accounts on credit after which they will pay after a given time. The cards offer fast and instant deposits. However, credit cards leave a trail of online gambling on bank statements.

Pre-paid cards

With loaded prepaid cards, players can fund their betting accounts. Cards such Play+ and PaySafecard are top picks among players. Prepaid cards offer additional security to online transactions and as no banking details are ever revealed.


Should I use PayNearMe or my Visa card for betting online in Kansas?

Your preferred payment option is highly dependent on what suits you. Both methods offer safety and convenience. While credit cards don't require cash deposit at the retail store they leave a trail of online gaming activities on bank statements. On the other hand, PayNearMe requires access to retail stores. While stores are well distributed across Kansas, these methods can be limiting because of the time taken.

Is PayNearMe safe to use in Kansas?

Yes PayNear me is safe to use in Kansas. It is a legit company that has been in existence since 2009. The company offers payment across many businesses and has continuously improved its platform through mobile integration and more. Additionally, the company prioritizes the privacy and security of players' personal data.

Why is PayNearMe a good payment method?

PayNearMe as a payment method offers safety and security for your bankroll and banking details. The method is available 24/7 since retail stores accept cash at any time of the day. Unlike other methods that leave a trail on online gaming activity, PayNearMe keeps all your records discreet.