Kansas has a wide range of betting bonuses for punters. There are various types that are dependent on the sportsbook offering them. Some may focus on a specific sport, or they may only be available to new registrations to the online betting site. Bettors love betting bonuses as they can be seen as “free money”. On the other hand, sportsbooks see bonuses as a marketing opportunity to attract and retain bettors.

On this page we will focus on the best betting bonuses in Kansas. We will look at the various types, what they have to offer and how best to take advantage of them. In addition, we will touch on how most betting bonuses are focused on new registrations, but we will also cover betting bonuses for existing users on sportsbooks in Kansas.

About betting bonuses in Kansas

A betting bonus in Kansas is an offer given to punters to encourage them to try out online sports betting on a given sportsbook. This offer can be in the form of a free bet to use on a specific game, or it can be a reward for loyalty to the betting site such as cashback on losses. Betting bonuses have been used for years to give bettors the opportunity to experience a sportsbook, see how it works and whether or not they would enjoy betting through it frequently.

If you are looking to explore sportsbook bonus offers in Kansas, then you have come to the right place. We break down what the best sportsbook bonuses look. We also give information on how best to take advantage of them as well as look at the downsides of these bonuses.

Types of betting bonuses in KS

In order to claim the best sportsbook bonus in Kansas for you, you need to understand each of the different types. With this information, you can select which ones meet your needs the best. Whether you are trying out a new betting or trying out a new sport to bet on, the right bonus will help you reduce risk.

No deposit bonus

A no deposit bonus is one of the most popular betting bonuses offered by sportsbooks in Kansas. As the name suggests, in order for you to get the bonus, you do not need to have deposited any money into your account. This is a great welcome offer for new registrations to a sportsbook. It helps to establish trust between the new bettor and the online betting site.

Better odds bonus

Get an advantage when you place your bets with better odds than those who do not have access to the bonus. This offer is suitable for both new registrations or as a reward for loyal users of the online betting site. It encourages bettors to place higher bets if the odds are better.

Promo codes

A betting promo code is a series of letters and numbers that gives a punter access to a certain offer. The type of offer can be anything from risk-free bets to free bets. It all depends on the sportsbook.

These promotional codes can be accessed via a referral link from an affiliate website, for example. It can also be accessed after you register with a new sportsbook and you receive your verification email. That email may welcome you to the online betting site with a prompt code that you can use.

Free bets

Place bets without any risk with a free bet. This type of bonus offer literally gives you a free bet to make on a game. The terms and conditions for this type of bonus are usually quite strict because you are basically receiving “free money”.

You will need to carefully read the terms and conditions before you claim the bonus. You may not be able to withdraw your winnings from the bet, or you may be restricted to betting on a particular game or sport. There is also similiar bonus called risk-free bet, which means that you will need to wager with your own funds, but you’ll get a refund in case you loose.

Refer a friend

With a friend bonus, a person registered with a sportsbook gets a unique code for them to share with others. This code is usually a bonus that will be given to the new registration and the person “referring” the friend. The bonus can be anything from risk free bets to match bonuses.

Reload bonus

While most bets are geared at new sign ups, a reload bonus is given to loyal account holders in a sportsbook. A loyal bettor is one that deposits and places bets regularly on a specific online betting site. The bonus can include free bets, cashbacks and more.

Deposit match bonus

A deposit match bonus is a bonus offered by a sportsbook in which the operator will match your deposit amount up to a certain limit. This type of bonus is common at sports betting sites in Kansas and can be a great way to increase your bankroll.

Sign-up bonus

A priority for online sportsbooks is to attract new registrations. A sign-up bonus is a great way to do this because it helps increase the number of people joining the website. Some offers such as a no deposit bonus have no obligation on the part of the new registration. However, other bonuses such as a match bonus require the new sign up to deposit some cash that the sportsbook will “match”.

Are sports betting bonuses worth using in Kansas?

Yes, they sports betting bonuses can be worth using. Bonuses are a great way to increase your bankroll and give you a bit of extra cash to play with. With that said, not all bonuses are created equal. Some bonuses have higher wagering requirements than others, making them more difficult to clear. So, it’s important to do read the terms and conditions of the Kansas sportsbook you are planning to use.

Rollover requirement explained

A rollover requirement is the number of times a bettor needs to wager a bonus before they can withdraw any winnings. An example of this is that you may be required to wager 10x from a $100 deposit bonus. This adds up to $1000 in bets before you can finally cashout. This is to avoid bonus abuse by bettors withdrawing from no-deposit bonus wins.

Advantages of a betting bonus

Betting bonuses have proven to be an effective form of marketing for sportsbooks. They bring in many new registrations that will hopefully turn into regular depositors on the online betting site. While this is a great benefit for the sportsbook, what are the advantages for punters? Let’s explore them below:

  • They give you a chance to try a new betting site without any risk to your bankroll.
  • You can use the bonus to experiment with new betting strategies. There are so many tips and tricks around betting out there, and it’s always welcome to have the opportunity to try them out without spending your own money.
  • You can try out new sporting disciplines. Whether you are curious about esports betting, or want to try out a new sporting tournament with a niche audience, a bonus is a great way to give it a try.
  • You can get access to special benefits that come with loyalty related bonuses that no other account holders have access to. These can be anything from dedicated customer agents to regular cashback.

Disadvantages of a betting bonus

While bonuses have many benefits, they also have some downsides. These disadvantages apply to both the sportsbook and the bettors. We take a look at the cons of betting bonuses below:

  • Some bonuses are restricted to a certain sport or a specific game. The sportsbook may be trying to promote bets within that segment, and may be using free bonuses to do this. This limits bettor’s options.
  • If a rollover requirement is included in the bonus, it may put a strain on the bettor’s budget. This can create an unpleasant experience for them on the site that will discourage them from coming back again.
  • The bettor may not be able to withdraw winnings from the bonus. While this protects the betting site from bonus abuses, it can make the bonus less appealing to a new registration.


Will I need to pay tax in Kansas if I win with a deposit bonus?

Yes, the laws in Kansas require that you pay tax on betting winnings. However, it is important to consult a tax professional or a financial advisor if you are not sure about bonus related winnings in order to avoid penalties.

Do my friends that I refer to for a betting bonus have to live in Kansas?

Legally, they need to be within the state lines to access the Kansas betting site that they can use the bonus in. They do not have to live in Kansas, however. Also, it would be fraudulent for them to provide a fake Kansas address when registering with the betting site.

How do I find the best betting site bonuses in Kansas?

On this page you will always find the latest and best betting bonuses that are offered to Kansas players. We scan the internet and update the list on a regular basis, so you can come back at any time and know that the latest offers are shown here.