To attract the attention of clients, sportsbooks in Kansas have promotions, and one of them is risk-free bets. Many sportsbooks offer this as a welcoming bonus, but it can also be given as an ongoing or seasonal promotion.

How does a risk-free bet work?

A risk-free bet is a promotion that protects you from a loss. Thus, if you lose your bet, you will get something in return, which can be a site credit or a free bet. Most players prefer the site credit option because both their stake and winnings will be credited to their account if their second bet is successful.

Therefore, a site credit works similarly to bonus cash. However, you won’t be allowed to withdraw it until you fulfill some set rules, such as wagering requirements, and so on.

If your chosen sportsbook rewards you a free bet of a certain amount, and your second bet is successful, you will only keep the winnings. This means the stake won’t be credited to your account.

How to get your risk free bet in Kansas

In order to claim a risk-free bet in Kansas, all you have to do is follow the steps below:

1. Register for a betting site or sportsbook in KS

With numerous sportsbooks in Kansas, the first thing you need to do is find one that has risk free bets as not all do. This should not be the only basis on how to choose the best risk free betting site. You need to keep other factors in mind. This includes the range of sports markets, payment options, user interface, security, and customer support.

Once you have found a reliable betting site, it’s time to register. The registration process is usually easy with most sportsbooks. You will provide personal details, such as your legal name, username, email, password, and physical address. The company will then assess your documents to verify them.

Note that the operator reserves the right to ask you for additional information when need be. This can be during the registration process or later, for example, when you want to withdraw a high amount. When your account is verified, you will be eligible for the risk free bet Kansas of your sportsbook.

2. Enter promo code

Your sportsbook can give you a promo code which you will enter in a designated area to claim it. Promo codes are usually a combination of letters and numbers. Most mobile betting app in Kansas will state the reward in the code. After you have already claimed your promotional free bet Kansas, you can start placing bets.

OR use a link with special offer

At times, a sportsbook risk free bet is offered as a link. To claim your promotion, click the link. You don’t have to do any additional steps to activate the promotion.

Pros and cons of a risk-free betting

When it comes to risk-free betting, it has both its advantages and disadvantages. Read more about the most notable below:


  • Bankroll building. If you are a beginner in the betting industry, risk free bets can help you build your bankroll. If you win with your initial wager, more money in your account. If you lose, you could make a significant profit with the given site credit or free bet.
  • No risk. Placing a bet can be risky, whether you are a beginner or a pro. For this reason, it can be relieving to know that your wager is protected with the risk free bets promotion.
  • Try new strategies. Since risk free bets eliminate the risk of losing your money, you can try new strategies. This is a great tip if you are an existing customer of a sportsbook. Use your promotion to wager on new markets and employ new strategies. If they work, you have prolific tactics to use in your future bets. If they don’t work, you know you need to avoid them. Either way, you won’t experience a considerable loss.


  • Deposit. Risk free bets usually require you to make a deposit. For a welcome bonus, betters will usually opt for a no deposit bonus if they can over a risk free bet.

Different types of risk-free bets

  • Cashback risk free bet. A cashback risk-free bet is the site credit that your sportsbook will give you as your reward. Your chosen sportsbook will state the percentage they can refund. For instance, if an operator is offering a 100% cashback risk free bet, your total stake will be refunded after an initial loss. However, some sportsbooks offer a partial cashback. For example, if your sportsbook offers a 50% cashback, and you lose $10, you will be refunded $5, which you can use to place a second bet. If you win a wager with the given cashback risk free bet, you will receive the winnings plus your stake.
  • Standard risk-free bet. A standard risk free bet is the free bet reward. Thus, if you lose an initial wager, the bookmarker will refund you a free bet that’s worth a certain amount. However, if you win your second bet, you will only receive the winnings.

Risk-free bets and deposit bonus comparison

Risk free bets are different from a deposit bonus because you need to place a wager and then lose to be eligible for it. However, you only need to make a deposit to receive a deposit bonus. You don’t need to take additional actions after depositing.

Moreover, a risk free bet protects your bet. For example, if a sportsbook is offering $1,000 risk free bets, your losses will be refunded either in full or a part of it. The reward will be a site credit or free bet worth the stated amount.

On the contrary, a deposit bonus covers your deposit. This can be up to $100% or less. For instance, if your sportsbook is offering a 100% match deposit bonus, and you deposit $100, your bankroll will automatically have $200.

In addition, risk free bets have a lower wagering requirement than deposit bonus promotions (this term will be discussed in the next section. Thus, bettors can withdraw winnings generated from risk free bets sooner as compared to those made from a deposit bonus.

Terms and conditions for risk-free betting sites in Kansas

All types of bonuses offered by sports betting sites in KS comes with some type of terms and conditions. It is important that you are well-informed about them before claiming your bonus. Read more about the most common T&C’s below:

Type of games

Sportsbooks usually specify the games you can wager on using risk free bets. Thus, you need to know those games earlier to make the right call. Go through the terms and conditions to find this information. Some operators will include this detail on the homepage to make work easier for you.

Your chosen sportsbook will state the wagering requirement that you need to fulfill. This is the number of times you need to wager using your bonus to be allowed to withdraw its winnings. It can be lower or higher. Only the games chosen by your sportsbook can contribute to this requirement. Thus, you don’t want to only bet on games that do not help you meet this requirement sooner.

Validity date

Risk free bets have a validity period, which differs with sportsbooks. You are required to use your promotion within this period. After it has expired, it won’t benefit you. Note that you need to meet the wagering requirement within the validity period.

Withdrawal limits

Sportsbooks apply withdrawal limits on winnings generated from a risk free bet Kansas. They do this due to various reasons. First, they prevent the activity of punters who always sign up with several bookmarks only to withdraw winnings.

Additionally, sportsbooks are businesses, therefore, they give clients promotions as a marketing strategy. However, they also need you to continue placing bets with them. Hence, if players are allowed to deposit all the winnings and never deposit with the sportsbook again, it will be a loss on their business.

When you want to withdraw your bonus winnings, send a request with an amount that is within the limits set by your chosen sportsbook. If you try to withdraw more than that, your bonus may be canceled.

Nonetheless, withdrawal limits also work to your advantage because you won’t need to deposit money into your bankroll every time. You can use the retained cash to place bets. Withdrawal limits information can also be found in the terms and conditions section.


Do I have to deposit money on a Kansas sportsbook to claim a risk-free bet?

Yes, you need to place a wager with real money and then lose it to claim a risk free bet. However, after you have been refunded, you don't need to deposit money. You can wager with your reward.

Can returning players get a risk-free bet on sportsbooks in Kansas?

Yes, Kansas sportsbooks also offer risk free bets as ongoing or seasonal promotions. They do this to appreciate their returning players as the promotion increases their chances of getting higher profits. Also, it allows them to try new sports markets and strategies without the fear of losing their money.

Can I choose between a risk free-bet and another bonus on KS betting sites?

No, most of the time Kansas betting sites will only have one bonus type on offer with a current promotion or promo code. Players who are new to the betting site may have an option on what bonus they prefer, but this is quite rare.