Trustly is a payment method that is becoming increasingly popular in the online betting world. It is a fast and secure way to make your bets, and it is available at many of the top betting sites in Kansas.

Trustly allows you to make deposits and withdrawals quickly and easily, without having to worry about any of the security concerns that can arise with other forms of payments. Read along to learn more about the best Trustly sports betting sites in Kansas.

About Trustly and how it works

Founded in 2008, Trustly is an electronic payment system that enables its users to make purchases and pay for them directly from their bank accounts. It does not require any app or card to complete the transactions and this serves to increase its platform’s operational speed.

Thus, with direct transactions, you can directly make deposits to your preferred betting sites that accept Trustly at the comfort of your home. Then, when you win, you can withdraw your money directly to your bank account without any trip to your bank. So, this ensures your transactions to and from Trustly betting sites Kansas are seamless and fast.

What’s more, the platform is simple to use, offers fast payments, and uses the same security as banks. Therefore, betting sites that accept Trustly are notably among the best in offering exciting gaming experiences in Kansas.

How to deposit to a sportsbook in Kansas with Trustly

With Trustly, you can make deposits to various mobile betting apps in Kansas. This is true especially since many of them trust in the platform’s seamless and secure transactions.

Making deposits to betting sites that accept Trustly is very simple. Here are the steps you can use to get funds into your favorite sportsbook and bet for a game before kick-off or as a live bet.

1. Log in to your Trustly betting site in Kansas. Now navigate to the site’s “Cashier” section.
2. Select Trustly as your deposit option. These options are always listed and you select any by just tapping on it.
3. Enter your preferred deposit amount. Note that the amount must be the betting site’s minimum deposit or more.
4. Choose your bank from the drop-down list of banks. After making the selection, you will be redirected to the banking gateway.
5. From the prompt you are redirected to, enter your banking details and the amount you wish to deposit or bet with.
6. Sign with the one-time security code that will be sent to you for payment confirmation.

It is advisable that you always budget on the amount you’d like to deposit as a precaution to ensure your bet responsibly at all times. So, after the payment process is done, you will be redirected to the sportsbook’s cashier section. You will also get an email giving you the information that informs you of the completion of the transaction alongside its details in case you will need them in the future.

Withdrawing to your Trustly account

If you win you can withdraw your winnings through Trustly. These steps are much similar to the deposit procedures:

1. First, go to the cashier section of the sportsbook and click on the withdrawal.
2. Enter the amount you’d wish to withdraw from the sportsbook into your bank account.
3. Select Trustly from the list of withdrawal options.
4. Choose the bank that you want to withdraw the money into. You will also be taken to the bank’s gateway, and you need to enter your bank details like with the deposits.
5. Confirm the transaction. Withdrawal into your bank account is instant. So, if the funds you are requesting to withdraw are enough, you can find it in your bank account immediately after the transaction is completed.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Trustly on betting sites in KS

As with most betting payment methods, Trustly has both advantages and disadvantages. Read more about the most important ones below:


  • Fast and secure: Both deposits and withdrawals from Trustly betting sites in Kansas take the shortest time possible. This provider functions more like a link between your online sportsbook account and your bank. Thus, upon verifications, payments are wired instantly. Also, it uses the bank-level security system which guarantees the safety for your transactions.
  • Keep bank details private: On its privacy policy section, Trustly clearly indicates how they use your personal details. Secondly, it abides by major international data protection laws like General Data Protection Regulation. Thus, it does not share any of your information with any other third party apart from companies forming a part of the Trustly Group.
  • Low fees: Trustly charge just 1.5% as transaction fees. Interestingly, this fee is only applied to withdrawals whereas the deposits are charge-free. Thus, unlike other payment options that charge as high as 5% of your amounts for any transaction, you can surely save a lot by using Trustly.


  • Not all betting sites accept Trustly: It is common to find betting sites that do not accept a certain type of deposit or withdrawal option. Trustly is not an exception and some betting sites in Kansas do not have any contract with it.

Trustly alternatives for online sportsbooks in Kansas

If you’re looking for Trustly alternatives in Kansas, below are the most popular ones:


With a focus on family and friends, Venmo is an electronic payment system that uses the peer-to-peer mode of transaction. It allows you to request money from family and friends electronically.

Thus, with the platform, you can send half of your payment to your roommate, pay half of the cab fare to your friend, or split a lunch bill. Moreover, Venmo allows for purchases from authorized merchants like apps or anywhere in the US where Venmo Mastercard Debit Card is accepted.

Interestingly, noy many betting sites in Kansas accepts Venmo as a payment method. However, another disadvantage is that it is limited to the United States only. Thus, unlike Trustly, your transactions can only be within the boundaries of the United States.


This is a unique e-money transfer service that enables payments to and from merchants like social networks, forex trading firms, and betting sites among others. Unlike Trustly betting sites in Kansas, you can directly withdraw your winnings with a Net+ card after cashing them out to Neteller from a sportsbook.

A myriad of betting sites in Kansas accept Neteller. These include BetRivers, DraftKings and FanDuel. But, its payments and withdrawals processing is a bit slower than Trusty’s fast transactions. So, betting sites that accept Trustly are by far still having an upper hand here.

Discover Card

It is a credit card brand by Discover Financial; an American financial services company. Since making its operations independent in 2007, the cards are now pushing the boundaries to be accepted by more companies and merchants worldwide. Its notable competitors include American Express, Mastercard, and Visa. Many betting sites in Kansas that accept Discover Card are also accepting Trustly.


Is Trustly a better option for online sportsbooks in KS than a credit card?

Yes, Trustly allows you to connect with a number of bank accounts and its transactions are relatively faster and safer than when you use a credit card.

Are there any fees using Trustly on Kansas sportsbooks?

Yes, Trustly charges only 1.5% on your withdrawals from betting sites. So, unlike other payment providers that charge as much as 5% for both deposits and withdrawals, Trustly is a better choice.

Do all betting sites in Kansas accept Trustly?

No, not all betting sites in Kansas currently accept Trustly. This is expected to change though, as Trustly is becoming better known throughout the betting world as a secure and fast way of betting online. So, it is expected that all betting sites in Kansas will accept Trustly as a form of payment in the future.