The market in Kansas is awash with sportsbook betting promo codes as operators scramble to acquire new bettors. But with these offers, how do you tell the best Kansas betting promos for you? This article gives you an overview of the best sportsbook promo codes in Kansas and infallible tips on using bonus codes to redeem the offers.

Sports betting promo codes in Kansas explained

It is not uncommon for online betting sites in Kansas to offer promotional bonuses to their clients. The purpose of these bonuses is to encourage clients to wager more on these platforms. Sportsbooks in Kansas use sports betting promo codes to track such bonuses.

For instance, if a betting platform has two promotions running concurrently, they will have a special code for each bonus. Bettors must use the correct code to redeem the respective offer.

Betting promotions come in the form of a risk-free wagering credit which is sportsbooks credit to its client’s account. Bettors can use this credit to bet for real money. However, they cannot withdraw the bonus. It is important to mention that betting promotions are optional and sportsbooks do not impose them on clients.

Rules for using promotion codes

Betting companies are free to set the rules that govern these promotions. For example, most betting promotions are time-bound. A bettor must use the sportsbook bonus within a specified time from the day they receive it.

This period can be anywhere between 24 hours and 30 days. For this reason, some promo codes are time-bound. A sportsbook may have to generate new promo codes when old promotions expire. Other rules that affect sportsbook promotions may include limitations to the type of bets you can wager. Betting platforms often limit such offers to a single user, thus prohibiting the transfer of bonuses to other users.

Sometimes Kansas sports betting apps may require you to deposit some money to unlock a promotion, especially if it is a deposit match-up promotion. You may also have to meet wagering requirements such as 1x play through the bonus amount to access any winnings from the bonus.

Remember that a sportsbook always has the final say when it comes to withdrawing winnings. Therefore, it is advisable to work with betting sites that have a reputation for honoring the withdrawal requests of their clients.

What betting sites offer promo codes in KS?

Below are examples of leading sports betting platforms in Kansas that offer promo codes for their bonuses.


BETMGM Kansas is a top-ranked sports betting platform in the U.S. with a presence in more than 18 states. Bettors love it because of its fast deposits and payouts, as well as a wide range of betting opportunities.

It offers promotion codes from time to time for its bonuses. These offers include signup bonuses for new users and special bets for existing clients. Please note that not all its betting bonuses have promotion codes.

BetRivers Kansas

BetRivers Kansas is best known for its elaborate loyalty program that awards users loyalty points which bettors can redeem for wagering credit. The more bettors wager and advance through the ranks, the more points they will earn. This sportsbook has various bonuses on its promotions page.

They include deposit match-up offers, odds boost, NCAAM free bets and profit boost offers. The sportsbook offers only promotion codes for its deposit match bonuses to new bettors. You can opt-in to other bonuses on the betting platform without promotion codes.

FanDuel Kansas

FanDuel Kansas is one of the top sportsbooks in North America and is best known for its user interface that makes it easy for bettors to place and monitor bets. Moreover, the sportsbook offers several promotions, such as deposit bonuses to new clients, same game parlay boost, and refer-a-friend offers. However, not all bonuses have promotion codes.

Barstool Kansas

Barstool Sportsbook in Kansas is renowned for its wide selection of betting options and fast payouts. It also stands out for its unique promotions. Some bonuses allow bettors to redeem merchandise as prizes. These merchandise include shirts, hats, and hoodies. The sportsbook may use promo codes for its betting bonuses from time to time.

How to get a sportsbook promo code in Kansas

You can find promo codes for online betting in Kansas from the sportsbook’s promotional page. The best sportsbooks have an entire page dedicated to their promotions. The hardest part is hunting for online bookies that offer favorable bonuses.

An excellent place to start your search is on Google. Lookup for sites that review betting sites in Kansas. Here you stand a chance of getting candid reviews on various promotions by different sportsbooks.

Most review sites will list various promotions and provide links to respective sportsbooks. Follow the links to the sportsbook’s promotions page. Click on the specific betting promotion you are interested in to view the promo code. Alternatively, launch the sportsbook website and click on the “Promotions” page. Please note that not all bonuses come with promo codes.

If you cannot find any code on a particular offer, it does not exist. In such cases betting companies provide alternative ways to redeem the offers. For instance, you may need to tick a check box to add the bonus to your wagering account. Other times a sportsbook may require you to contact the sportsbook’s support team to activate the bonus manually.

If you are new to a Kansas betting site, you will need to register a wagering account to access the promotions. Remember that if a promo code is available, you will need to input it into the provided text box to redeem your bonus. Sometimes you may come across bonuses that appear too good to be true. In such cases, dig deeper and search for reviews from other sites to confirm if the promo is legit.

Types of bonuses you can get with a betting promo code in Kansas

Sports betting sites in Kansas offer a wide range of bonuses. These offers may vary from one platform to another. They use these bonuses against each other as marketing incentives to attract bettors. Below are examples of the common bonuses that often come with promo codes.

Sign up bonus

Sign-up bonuses are popular with sportsbooks. Only new members qualify for these offers. Usually, this type of bonus is a defined amount, say $30 or $50. All you need to access this offer is to register and fund your wagering account. Sportsbooks may or may not require you to use a promo code to redeem a sign-up bonus.

Match deposit bonus

A match deposit bonus is a type of sign-up offer given to new bettors. Unlike the sign-up bonus described above, a deposit match offer matches a percentage of the deposit amount. For example, a 100% match-up bonus means that the bettor will get a bonus equivalent to their first deposit amount on their betting account.

However, betting sites cap such bonuses at a maximum amount, such as $1000, $1500, or $2500. Also, setting the match-up percentage is the prerogative of sportsbooks and can be anything between 20% and 200%. Some sportsbooks may be generous to their new clients and extend the match-up bonus to the second and third deposits.

Reload bonus

Sportsbooks may decide to reward their loyal bettors with reload bonuses. Here bettors get wagering credit when they deposit funds to their accounts. This bonus could be a predetermined figure or a percentage of the deposit amount. Reload bonuses target existing clients.

Betting platforms may use such bonuses to encourage players to bet on specific days of the week such as Mondays, Wednesdays, or weekends. Such offers are common on days when sportsbooks experience fewer bets.

Risk-free bet bonus

Some sportsbooks offer risk-free bet bonuses. A sports betting platform will refund you your money up to a predetermined amount if you lose the first. This offer targets new clients. Usually, the refund is in terms of wagering credit and is not withdrawable. Other sportsbook terms and conditions such as wagering requirements may also apply to these bonuses.

Free bet no deposit bonus

Free bet no-deposit offers to entice new users to wager risk-free using the bonus credit with the possibility of winning real money. The main intention of such bonuses is to get new players to try out betting platforms, especially if the sportsbook is relatively new.

The beauty of such offers is that you do not need to deposit your hard-earned to wager on such platforms. A simple registration will suffice. However, sportsbooks offer less money on these promotions compared to other bonuses.

Refer-a-friend bonus

Most sportsbooks will reward clients who refer their friends to their betting platforms. In this arrangement, sportsbooks give their clients unique referral codes or links. A referral will only count if a new client uses the referral link or codes to register.

The referrals must also meet certain conditions, such as funding their accounts and wagering an amount equivalent to the bonus amount. You can only access the bonus amount when the referral meets the set terms and conditions.

Special bonuses

As stated earlier, sports betting sites are free to decide the bonuses they should offer their clients. Therefore, it is no surprise that sportsbooks give special bonuses to reward loyal bettors.

Examples of special offers include birthday and anniversary bonuses. Sportsbooks also offer bonuses to wager on certain games or a combination of wagers in the same game. The motivation here is to get bettors to bet more.

Pros and cons of promo codes

Using promo codes comes with various advantages and disadvantages, as explained below:


  • Betting promo codes allow bettors to wager more while risking less of their capital. This way, gamblers can apply better risk management strategies to cut their gambling costs.
  • Some offers, such as the Free Bets No-deposit bonuses, give bettors unique opportunities to wager 100% risk-free and stand a chance of winning real money.
  • Sportsbooks use promotions to reward loyal clients by offering them opportunities to win more with less.


  • Promo codes can be hard to find since they are only valid for a limited time. They are also exclusive to individual betting sites, and you may need to visit each sportsbook to get them.
  • Each promotion comes with a set of conditions that bettors must fulfill to withdraw their winnings. For example, betting sites may impose wagering requirements of 1x, 2x, or 3x the bonus amount.
  • Sportsbooks may limit their offers to specific bets and thus force bettors to wager on games they do not like. In such instances, bettors may feel disadvantaged because they may have to wager on a sport they know little about.


Can I use a promo code more than once on Kansas betting sites?

No, you can’t use a promo code more than once on Kansas betting sites. Betting platforms in Kansas often issue single-use promo codes for a specific bonus. These codes are not transferable to other betting bonuses. Sportsbooks may also limit some betting bonuses to one customer per household and IP address to prevent abuse by bettors.

Can I use the same promo code of different Kansas online sportsbooks?

No, unfortunately you can’t use the same promo code on different online sportsbooks in Kansas. Each sportsbook uses unique promo codes to track its bonuses, and bettors cannot use them on other betting sites. It is also important to mention that not all sportsbooks use promo codes. Customers need to accept terms and conditions to opt-in their bonuses. So, if you do not see promo codes, they probably don’t apply for that particular offer.

Do I need to deposit to use a promo code?

You may need to deposit money to your wagering account before using a promo code. Most sportsbooks will have a minimum deposit amount. However, not all bonuses come with a money deposit condition. Good examples include no-deposit free bets and special bonuses, such as birthday offers. In such instances, you will not need to deposit funds to your account to redeem your offer.

Do promo codes change all the time?

Yes, promo codes change constantly on most online sportsbooks. Promo codes for bonuses will become invalid when they expire. Betting sites will generate new promo codes for subsequent bonuses.