Looking for information about online casinos in Kansas? Well keep reading, we have put together this comprehensive guide so you can find out you need to know.

As of now, the state of Kansas has not legalized online casinos. However, players have the option of betting at offshore casino sites. As much as this is a convenient option, it might be unsafe if you choose an offshore betting site without reliable security in place.

The security of the online casino operator is a major factor you need to check before signing up. You don’t want to expose your personal information to any third party.

In 2007, the state enacted the Kansas Expanded Lottery Act, which led to the construction of four land-based casinos. Kansas has nine gambling houses in Kansas City, Pittsburg, Mayetta, Powhattan, and Horton.

Expectant casino sites that will come to KS

Here is a list of four casino sites we expect will come to Kansas when online casino gambling launches. Some of the factors we checked before choosing these online gambling operators are their licensing information, game collection, security, payment options, and bonuses.

Fanduel Casino Kansas

The first casino site on our list is Fanduel Casino Kansas. It is licensed in some US states, including New Jersey, West Virginia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. It has a vast collection of games ranging from slots, table games, live casinos, and video poker.

Additionally, it offers its players fantastic bonuses, including sign-up bonuses, deposit bonuses, and referral bonuses. Another impressive thing about Fanduel Casino is that it has top-notch security in place to keep players’ information safe.

Also, it uses the Random Number Generator (RNG) to ensure that each player has an equal chance of winning when they play. Interestingly, the online operator has a mobile app you can download for both Andriod and Apple devices.

DraftKings Casino Kansas

Another online operator that makes our list is DraftKings online casino in Kansas. It is licensed in different US states, including Connecticut, West Virginia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. There are several top games you will find in the casino’s library, including slots, video poker, live casino, and table games.

Additionally, you can claim fantastic bonus offers when you join the betting site. Some of them are a welcome bonus, match bonus, and deposit and no deposit bonuses. When it comes to security, DraftKings is on top of its game. It has advanced security measures to ensure that hackers cannot come close to its players’ information.

Another good thing about the betting site is that it accepts fast and reliable payment options, including PayPal, Skrill, Visa, Discover, Mastercard, Online Banking, and Wire Transfer.

PointsBet Casino Kansas

PointsBet online casino Kansas is owned and operated by PointsBet Holdings Limited, based in Australia. It is licensed in some US states, including Illinois, Indiana, Colorado, Michigan, New Jersey, and New York. Although the online operator features a few casino games in its lobby, you can expect maximum fun when you play them.

Some of these games include slots, table games, and video poker. Additionally, the betting site offers its players great bonus rewards, including the welcome bonus, deposit bonus, and loyalty program.

One of the good things about joining PointsBet Casino is that they accept several payment options. They include Online Banking, PayNearMe, and ACH/e-check.

BetRivers Casino Kansas

BetRivers casino Kansas is licensed in some US states like Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Michigan. It features a vast collection of games, including live dealer games, slots, video poker, and table games.

Also, you can claim fantastic bonus offers when you join the fun with BetRivers Casino. They include deposit bonus, match bonus, loyalty bonus, and welcome bonus. One of the things that makes the betting site unique is its friendly and professional customer support.

You can be sure the support center will respond to your queries as soon as they get them. Another good thing about joining the casino site is that they accept different payment options. They include PayNearMe, ACH, Credit/Debit Cards, and PayPal.

How to start playing at an online casino in Kansas

If you are ready to play at an online casino, read our step to step guide below on how to get started.

1. Choose your preferred Kansas online casino

The first step to playing at an online casino in Kansas is to choose your preferred online operator. One of the things you need to look for before making your choice is the licensing information of the betting site. You should ensure that the online casino is licensed under the jurisdiction of a top regulatory body in the gambling industry. Another important thing is the game collection of the casino site.

2. Create an account

The next step is for you to complete the registration process. You will need to provide your personal information to help the online casino create your unique account. This information includes name, date of birth, home address, email address, and postal code. After providing this information, a verification link will be sent to the email address you provided. Then, you can click on the link to complete your registration.

3. Enter promo code if you have one

After completing the registration process, you can enter your bonus promo code to claim your bonus if you have one. However, if you don’t have a promo code, you can claim other bonus offers after making your first deposit. Remember to check the terms and conditions of the bonus rewards.

4. Deposit funds

The next step is for you to deposit into your casino account. The betting site will provide you with several payment options you can use to make your first deposit. However, make sure you have funds in the payment options you want to use. Then, you can select it in the options provided and proceed.

5. Start gambling

After receiving payment confirmation, you can go to the casino’s lobby to wager on your preferred game. If you win any game round, your winnings will be added to your wallet amount.

Online casino games

Top online casinos feature various games, including slots, baccarat, blackjack, poker, roulette, craps, and live casino games. These games vary in gameplay, themes, graphics, and payouts.


The first game you will find at top gambling sites in Kansas is slots. It is one of the popular casino games you can play as a beginner and experienced player. One of the things that makes the game unique is that its gameplay is straightforward.

However, you need to learn some betting strategies before you begin to play. You don’t want to keep spinning the reel without winning. Interestingly, you can play in the demo mode to understand how the game works before betting with real money.

Slots come in different variations, including classic slots, mega way slots, and progressive jackpot slots. Also, it has different RTP and in-game bonus features you can activate in the base game.


Baccarat is one of the popular table games you will find at top online casinos. It is a guessing game where you bet which hand will win the game — the Banker’s hand or the player’s hand.

The hand with the highest point out of the nine possible points wins the game. Before you start playing, you have to be familiar with its components. They include the table, the betting area, the dealer, and the commission box.
You can enjoy several common baccarat variations at top online casinos, including Punto Banco, Three Card Baccarat, and Super 9 Pan.


Blackjack is another popular table game you can enjoy at casino sites in Kansas. Online blackjack Kansas is simple to play if you understand how the game works. It has one major goal: to have a hand close to 21 without going beyond.

This means each player is trying to get a better hand than the dealer in the game. The first thing you need to do after loading the game is to set your betting limit. Then, you can go to the main menu to get your deck of cards to begin the game. The game has different options available to players, including Stand, Hit, Double Down, Hit, and Surrender.

You will find several blackjack variations at top online casinos, including Spanish 21, Super Fun 21, Free Bet Blackjack, and Blackjack Switch.


Poker is also another widely played casino game in the world. It is popular because it requires skill and luck to win. The game’s goal is to win money by having the best hand that can win the pot. One of the essential things in poker is to hold the best possible five-card hand.

The game is not about beating the dealer; you’re playing against another player. Some of the best possible hands you will find in the game are Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Full House, Flush, and Straight.

Video poker is one of the popular poker variations you will find at top online casinos.


Roulette has three components — the ball, the betting table, and the roulette wheel. You can either place your bet in the inner or outer part of the table. Also, the game is based on luck and a bit of skill. The game’s goal is for you to predict the correct spot the roulette ball will land when the wheel is spun.

If you predict the right spot, then you win the game round. There are three main variations of the game, namely French, European, and American Roulette.


Craps is popular because it has a low house edge compared to other casino games. As a result, it has a high RTP, which means players have a higher chance of winning over time. Another thing you need to bear in mind is that it is a game of chance. So, you need to familiarize yourself with the table layout and betting strategies and trust the odds to fall in your favor.

The game is played with dice, where each player takes turns to roll the dice. Every player has a chance to win by betting on the outcome of the roll of dice. Some bet types in the game are Pass, Come, Don’t Pass, Don’t Come, and Hardways.

Live gambling

Live casino games combine the thrill of land-based casinos with the convenience of playing online. The games are organized in a live studio where different players worldwide can connect to play.

One good thing about live casino games is that you can chat with the dealer while the game is in progress. Some popular live casino games you can play include live baccarat, live blackjack, and live roulette.
Here is a list of online casino games you can play:

  • Slots
  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack
  • Poker
  • Roulette
  • Craps
  • Live casino games

Types of online casino bonuses in KS

There are several Kansas online casino bonus offers you can claim when you join a top betting site. They include the welcome bonus, no deposit bonus, free spins, cashback, and loyalty programs.

  • Welcome bonus – A welcome bonus is the first bonus offer you can claim after completing the casino’s registration process. Most casino sites use it to bring in new players. Depending on the casino site’s generosity, you can get bonus rewards on your first three deposits. However, you need to check the terms and conditions before claiming these bonuses. One of them is the wagering requirement of the welcome bonus.
  • No deposit bonus – A no deposit bonus is another bonus offer you will find at top betting sites in Kansas. It doesn’t require you to deposit funds into your account before you can claim it. All you need to do is meet its terms and conditions, and you’re good to go. These bonuses don’t have a high payout when compared to deposit bonuses. However, you can expect small, consistent bonuses when any online casino rolls out its no deposit bonuses.
  • Match deposit bonus – A deposit match bonus is one of the popular casino bonuses you can claim when you join a betting site in Kansas. You need to deposit funds into your account before claiming this bonus. Additionally, they come with huge payouts compared to the no deposit bonus. The first match deposit bonus you can claim is the welcome bonus. Subsequently, the casino site can give generous bonus rewards anytime you deposit into your account. However, it also comes with terms and conditions you need to fulfill.
  • Free spins – Free spins can come with other bonus offers like the welcome bonus or as a stand-alone bonus. It offers free game rounds to players in any slot game specified by the casino site. Online casinos in Kansas free bets have different terms and conditions you need to know. One of them is the validity period of the bonus. You have to know how long the bonus will elapse before claiming it. Another bonus term is the eligible game you can use the free bet to play.
  • Cashback – The cashback bonus is another bonus offer you will find at top gambling sites in Kansas. It is a bonus offer that rewards you for all the losses you have accumulated over time at the casino site. So, to claim the bonus, you must have wagered on different games and lost on most of them. The casino calculates your losses and gives you a small percentage of your incurred loss over time. You can use the bonus to win more money if you’re lucky. Remember that the bonus offer also has its terms and conditions.
  • Loyalty/ reward programs – The loyalty programs are bonus offers that reward loyal players at the casino site. It wouldn’t be fair to offer bonus rewards to new players and leave out loyal ones. So, to encourage loyal players to keep playing, top betting sites offer them loyalty programs. You need to earn a required reward point before you can claim the bonus reward. One of the ways to earn more points is to bet on more games. The more games you play, the higher your chances of claiming the bonus. However, there are other terms and conditions you need to check for the bonus before you can claim it.
  • Refer-a-friend – A refer-a-friend bonus rewards you for bringing in your friend to register with an online casino. Your friend needs to join the casino using your referral code, and you’re all set. After that, the casino rewards you with a bonus offer for referring someone. However, there are still other bonus terms you need to fulfill before you can claim it.

Online casino banking options in Kansas

Top betting sites accept fast, safe, and reliable payment options so that their players can deposit and withdraw quickly. Some of them include credit/debit cards, PayPal, Check, Neteller, Trustly, and Online Banking.

  • Credit & debit cards – Credit & Debit Cards are among the popular payment options you will find at top online casinos. They are popular because they are linked to players’ bank accounts. Some debit/credit cards you can use are Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paysafecard, and Discover.
  • PayPal – PayPal is another popular payment option that many online vendors use because it is fast and reliable. Most casino sites have also integrated the payment solution on their website so that players can withdraw and deposit quickly. You need to create an account and fund your wallet before using it to deposit.
  • Check – Check allows you to make fast and reliable payments from your bank account. One of the good things about using Check is that you can track your payment from your bank app. Since you already have a bank account, all you need to do is select Check as your preferred payment option on the casino site.
  • Skrill – Skrill is one of the popular e-wallets you can choose because of its low transaction cost. It is one of the popular e-wallets you can use to deposit and withdraw at top online casinos. However, you need to fund your skrill wallet before depositing it into your account.
  • Neteller – Neteller is popular because of its convenience, reliability, and security. Interestingly, the e-wallet is accepted in over 26 countries globally because it has a low processing time compared to other payment options.
  • Trustly – Trustly is another payment option accepted by most online casinos. It is a payment option that allows you to make payments from your account to the casino site. So, to use Trustly, you have to create an account and link your bank account to it. Then, you can proceed to make payment on the casino site.
  • PayNearMe – PayNearMe combines the advantage of paying in cash with an online transfer. You need to use the barcode provided by the online casino at a local store that supports PayNearMe before you can deposit. After scanning the barcode, your funds will reflect in your casino account, and you can proceed to play.
  • Online banking – Online banking allows you to deposit and withdraw through your local bank app. The first thing you need to do is choose the payment option in the list provided by the casino site. Then, the site redirects you to your local bank’s site, where you can pay.
  • Venmo – Venmo is another payment option that has a low transaction cost. Additionally, it can be used as an alternative to PayPal. Using Venmo for withdrawal and deposit is easy. All you need to do is create your Venmo account and fund it. Then, you can use it to deposit at any online casino that accepts it.
  • Prepaid card – Prepaid Card is another payment option you can use instead of your credit/debit card. One of the reasons most players use this card is that it is safe, fast, and convenient.
  • Play+ – Play+ is another payment method you can use If you don’t want to use your prepaid card. It allows you to pay quickly without using your credit/debit card. You can also send funds to the Play+ card from your debit/credit card and bank account. After funding your card, you can pay with it at any online casino that accepts it.

Online casinos vs land-based casinos in Kansas

One of the advantages of betting at an online casino is that you can choose from a wide variety of games. They include slots, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and craps. However, when you play at a land-based casino in Kansas, you are restricted to only a few options.

Another perk of playing online is that you can claim awesome bonus rewards, including welcome bonus, deposit bonus, no deposit bonus, cashback bonus, and loyalty bonus. However, you don’t have different bonuses you can claim when you play at a land-based casino.

The convenience of playing online is why most players join online casinos. You don’t have to travel a long distance before you can play online. All you need is your mobile or desktop device, and you can enjoy top casino games on the go.


Are my funds secure at an online casino in KS?

Yes, your funds are safe and secured when you join an online casino that is licensed by a top licensing authority. Top online casinos use advanced security measures to secure their player's confidential information. One of them is the Secured Socket Layer, which is used to encrypt information on their site.

Do online casinos in Kansas allow me to play with real money?

Yes, most online casinos allow you to play with real money after registration. You need to choose your preferred payment options before you can play with real money. Some popular payment options you can use are Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, PayNearMe, Visa, and PayPal. You can also use these banking methods to withdraw your funds.

Anything I should look out for when signing up for an online casino in KS?

Before joining an online casino in KS, you should check the casino's licensing information. Another factor you need to consider is the collection of games you can play. Top betting sites feature a wide range of games in their lobby. Also, check the bonuses you can claim on the casino site. Some of them are welcome bonuses, loyalty programs, cashback bonuses, referral bonuses.

Can I play online casino games for free in KS?

Yes, you can enjoy casino games in demo mode without risking any real money. New players who want to learn how to play can enjoy games for free at a casino site. Also, regular players can learn new strategies and skills when they play in the demo mode. However, you should not expect to win real money when you play for free.